My name is

Martin Přecechtěl

and I have ALS.

ALS - Run with Martin

Lesopark Štěpánka, Mladá Boleslav, 29.08.2020

It is foundation run, which will help to fight ALS disease. We welcome everyone, who would like to run or just spend some quality time with us. Run will help Martin and his family to fight this insidious disease.

We prepared for you:

  • 3 categories of run
  • Accompanying program
  • Live music
  • Refreshments

We are looking forward, that you will spend beautiful Saturday with us.


First I would like to introduce myself and then discuss my illness.

My name is Martin Přecechtěl and I was born in Šumperk. After graduating from High School, I received a bachelors degree from the University of Pardubice, Faculty of Transport. After college, I started working in logistics. Together with my beautiful wife Markéta we have two children Maxim (3 years) and Matylda (1.5 years). I am a lifelong competitive hockey and recreational tennis player; and during my university years, I discovered a love of distance running. Starting with half and then full marathons, running allowed me to push myself mentally and physically. The last half marathon I will ever run was in Budapest last September. Everything was fine until then, but I gradually started to feel a change in my body.

Now about my illness:

  • I felt the first symptoms at the end of October 2019 experiencing fatigue and deterioration in my speech causing me to mumble and slur my speech.
  • Since December, my speech has been deteriorating every day. My tongue and ability to chew continue to grow weaker.
  • From February of 2020, my muscle fibres started spontaneously contracting causing an involuntary twitch (fasciculation)
  • From 05/2020 I have been prescribed the drug Riluzole. I continue to go to the doctor's office for physiotherapist sessions and for clinical speech therapy. I felt very tired.
  • The next phase of the disease will make my speech incomprehensible and weaken my muscles, making it difficult for me to swallow. The rate at which the disease progresses will varies for each person
  • In the advanced stage, most patients become immobile, unable to control their hands and arms.

I'm lucky to still be able to work and I am grateful that ŠKODA AUTO Logistics is helping me by allowing me to work from home as needed. In my life, I have stood at the starting line of several half marathons, marathons and even a 100 km race through the Krkonoše Mountains in 24 hours. I have competed with my ice-hockey team and built a life for my family. But now, I face a challenge that I cannot win alone. With you and your contribution, I can at least try to inspire more people diagnosed with the same disease. Your contribution has a purpose!

I would like to spend as much time as possible with my children and teach them everything I can. My whole family will need a lot of help in the upcoming years.

Thank you very much


"ALS has become a part of my life,
but it's not my whole life.

What is ALS?

ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a neurological disease that causes the gradual degeneration of cells that control muscle mobility. Patients gradually lose all movement on the body, in the end they are left with only eye movements. All this happens while maintaining mental and mental abilities. The causes of the disease have not yet been sufficiently clarified. The disease can affect anyone, survival is reported between 3-5 years after diagnosis. The prevalence of the disease in the Czech Republic is estimated at 6-8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants

-ALSA Organization-

Primary purpose of donations

To provide for extremely expensive treatment using stem cells in the USA or Mexico.

Purchase of tools such as tablets, carts, and more to make everyday life easier.

Allowing 24/7 Nursing service during the last phase of the disease.

Added family security.